Academic Catalog

Special Education: Special Education Studies (BA)

Program Description

Special Education Studies prepares students to work with individuals with disabilities outside the classroom setting. This major will serve you well if:

  • You are pursuing a Special Education degree and plan to work with state, local, or nonprofit agencies that serve individuals with disabilities. This includes direct-service providers and advocacy groups.
  • You plan to pursue an advanced degree in special education or related fields (e.g., researchers in special education, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists).

In collaboration with the Special Education advisor, students are placed in community-based settings working directly with individuals with disabilities, working in agencies that serve students with disabilities, or working alongside professors on research projects dealing with disability issues. 

  • This practicum is set up in collaboration with a special education advisor or the students self-selects a placement for advisor approval.
  • This practicum is not for teacher certification. However, the practicum can take place in a non-traditional public school setting.

Please note this major does not lead to certification.