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Curriculum & Instruction: Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis (MEd)

Program Description

School of Education Graduate Faculty

Seattle Pacific University’s MEd in Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) provides four pathways for teachers to bolster their instructional expertise and leadership capacity. Develop your skills in educational theory, research, and best practices to enhance your ability to create culturally sustainable and inclusive learning spaces that impact the health of our schools.

Depending upon your specific professional goals and interests, there are four areas of emphasis: Curriculum and Instruction, Teacher Leadership, Multilingual Learner, and Self-Designed.

The Curriculum and Instruction emphasis invites teachers to explore current educational theory, research, and best professional practices to enhance their knowledge and skills as they serve, and advocate for, today’s students. Designed for educators who aim to grow in their professional practice, this program will equip teachers to meet the needs of diverse classrooms, creating culturally sustainable and inclusive learning spaces. Program graduates are highly skilled, research-informed teachers and instructional leaders in their schools. A master’s degree may also qualify teachers for a higher placement on their district salary scale.