Academic Catalog


Application to Graduate

You must formally apply for graduation and are encouraged to do so as soon as you have earned approximately 105 credits and have been admitted to all majors and minors you plan to complete. 

Apply for graduation through the Banner Information System by selecting “Student Menu,” then “Graduation Menu,” and, finally, "Apply to Graduate."

If you meet the graduation application deadlines below, you will receive information on your academic progress prior to your anticipated quarter of graduation.

  • Spring/Summer Quarter: May 1, the year prior to graduation
  • Autumn Quarter: November 1, the year prior to graduation
  • Winter Quarter: February 1, the year prior to graduation

If you do not meet application deadlines, you might not receive academic progress reports and may apply too late to be listed in the Commencement brochure.

Undergraduate Commencement

To be eligible to participate in Commencement ceremonies, a student must be able to complete all degree requirements during the calendar year in which Commencement ceremonies take place. For instance, those who plan to participate in Commencement in June 2025 must be able to complete all degree requirements by the end of Winter Quarter 2025, Spring Quarter 2025, Summer Quarter 2025, or Autumn Quarter 2025. 

Students who cannot fulfill requirements for their degrees during the annual commencement cycle are not allowed to “walk” in the Commencement ceremony.

Information about the time, date, and procedures for all Commencement activities will be communicated via your SPU email account. Receiving commencement information does not guarantee that you will be allowed to participate in Commencement ceremonies. It merely indicates that you have applied to graduate during the current academic year.

Degree Posting and Diplomas

Your degree will be awarded effective the quarter in which all degree requirements are completed and the final grades for all courses have been assigned, regardless of the term in which you registered for those courses.

Degrees are awarded by the end of the quarter following the quarter in which the degree was completed.

Diplomas are not distributed during Commencement. Instead, during the Commencement ceremony, you will receive a diploma cover. You will receive your diploma once the Office of the Registrar staff has confirmed that all graduation requirements have been fulfilled, and your degree has been formally awarded.

Physical diplomas will be mailed approximately six weeks after the degree is posted to the student's mailing address in Banner.  SPU also provides certified Digital Diploma, which are emailed to a student's SPU email account at the same time as the physical diploma is mailed out. Diplomas are not released until all financial obligations to the University are met.