Academic Catalog

Second Master's Degree

If you hold a master’s degree from an accredited institution, you may earn a second master’s degree at Seattle Pacific under the following conditions:

  • You meet the normal requirements for admission to the University and to the specific degree program.
  • You meet all degree requirements for the second degree.
  • Credits you earned while taking your first master’s degree may be used to meet the requirements of the second master’s degree, provided those credits were taken within six years of admission to the second degree program.
  • Regardless of how many credits from the first master’s degree are counted toward the second master’s degree, you will in any case complete a minimum of 27 credits in your approved program of study at SPU after being admitted for the second degree. Of these 27 credits, at least 15 will be in 6000-level courses.
  • The specialization in the second master’s degree program will be different from that of the first master’s degree.
  • You may work toward two master’s degrees at SPU simultaneously. For more information, see Graduate Study in More Than One Field.