Academic Catalog


An official transcript is a complete record of the courses and grades earned by at student at the University. Undergraduate, graduate (master's and doctoral levels), below college, and CEUs are segregated on separate pages of the SPU transcript.

Below College Level Work

Below college level coursework encompasses all courses numbered 0001–0999.

Undergraduate Work

Undergraduate level coursework encompasses all courses numbered 1000–4999.

5000 Level Courses

Courses taken for credit and numbered at the 5000 level are graduate-level courses and are posted on a Graduate transcript at Seattle Pacific. These courses were designed primarily with the needs of teachers and other professionals in mind for the purpose of meeting certification, endorsement, district pay lane requirements and other professional needs. Although different in purpose from the core master's or doctoral graduate degree courses, these Graduate-level courses may be considered to meet elective requirements in some graduate degree programs in accordance with the regulations of the particular graduate degree program and approval of the student's program advisor.

Graduate Work

Graduate level coursework encompasses all courses numbered 6000–7999.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are also known as clock hours or non-degree work.

Types of Transcripts

SPU offers two types of transcripts: unofficial transcripts and official transcripts. Unofficial transcripts display all of a student’s academic history exactly as it would appear on an official transcript. The only difference between an unofficial transcript and an official transcript is that an unofficial transcript is free, lacks the seal of the University and may not be accepted by all venues, whereas an official transcript displays the seal of the University and is subject to ordering fees. 

Official transcripts can be issued either in printed form on security paper with the seal of the University or in electronic form, both provided by the National Student Clearinghouse using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Students are responsible to ensure that all the desired grades and degrees are reflected on the transcript before the order is placed. Please check your unofficial transcript.

For more extensive information about ordering transcripts, see the Office of the Registrar.

Academic History Disclosure

A primary function of the Office of the Registrar is to uphold academic integrity by ensuring that records of a student's course registration, course completion, and grades are accurate and comprehensive. Therefore, academic history data are not subject to erasure by request under the European Union General Data Protection Regulations or any other regulation.