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Biology majors at Seattle Pacific University graduate with a broad understanding of living organisms. Through immersion in scientific inquiry and problem solving, you’ll develop fundamental skills and knowledge for entering a wide range of careers, including those in medicine, environmental science, research, and teaching.

The primary goals of the department include:

  • Cultivating students who understand and apply the scientific method to the study of life.
  • Preparing students to think critically and to effectively communicate biological principles.
  • Producing graduates who make informed decisions based on reliable evidence and guided by their Christian worldview.
  • Emboldening graduates to lead lives of grace-filled wholeness, and personal and professional integrity.

Please consult with your faculty advisor to select the best major for your interests. Be sure to discuss coursework modifications that may be required to meet your specific career goals.

Our Mission

The Department of Biology at Seattle Pacific University embraces the notion of intellectual rigor, enriched and enhanced by diversity along a number of dimensions, including cultural, ethnic, and national origins; gender, gender identity, and sexuality; disability; neurodiversity; and socio-economic class. We are especially committed to increasing the representation of populations that have been historically excluded from participation in U.S. higher education and academia. It is our intent to present materials and activities that are respectful and inclusive across all forms of diversity, for only when biology includes different perspectives can we truly understand God’s creation to the fullest of human comprehension.