Academic Catalog

Probationary and Provisional Admission

Probational Admission

Applicants with exceptional qualifications and recommendations who meet all requirements except numbers four or five of the admissions requirements may be considered for admission to graduate education at the University on a probationary status.

Provisional Admission

Applicants who meet all of the admission requirements, but need to complete additional coursework before being admitted to a graduate program may be admitted on a provisional status.

Enrollment Policy

If you are admitted on probationary or provisional status, you may enroll for up to 9 credits of graduate-level coursework approved by an advisor in your proposed field of study. If you complete the stipulated 9 credits within a 12-month period with grades of “B” or better in all courses, you must contact your program chair/advisor to determine whether your status in Banner will be changed to “full admission” or whether you must re-apply.

Any request for more than 9 credits of graduate-level coursework while a probationary or provisional student must be approved in writing by your department chair/advisor.

Financial Aid

Students who are fully admitted or placed on probationary status are eligible for up to $20,500 of Stafford loan funds, provided all other eligibility requirements have been met. Students admitted on provisional status are eligible for only up to $12,500 of Stafford loan funds for one consecutive 12-month period.

F-1 Visa Status

In accordance with U.S. government regulations, international students admitted on probationary or provisional status are not eligible for F-1 (student) visa status.

Conditional Admission in the SBGE 

See also information for international students about conditional admission to master’s degrees in the School of Business, Government, and Economics.