Academic Catalog

Executive Leadership with Specialization

Program Description

School of Education Graduate Faculty

The School Executive Leadership program is intended for those who wish to prepare to become educational leaders outside the superintendency. As distinct from the Superintendent Certification program, this program is designed for both certificated and non-certificated educational leaders.

The first option provides professional development opportunities within a specialized area for certificated candidates. The second option provides non-certificated students, or those who hold either current teacher or ESA certification who currently serve in a district level position, with an opportunity to receive a program administrator certificate by completing this program.

You complete the same core coursework as for the superintendent certificate, but replace the field experience with electives in a chosen specialization and/or an applied field study in that area of specialization. All coursework is completed over a two-year period.

Areas of Specialization

  • Teaching and Learning (Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Finance and Business
  • Human Relations Administration
  • Special Education
  • Support Programs (Remediation, ELL, etc.)