Academic Catalog

Reapplying for Admission

If you have been away from SPU for one, two, or three quarters (including summer) after completing courses as a matriculated student, you are still considered an “active” student at SPU. You may register for classes at SPU without completing paperwork for undergraduate admission. Any transfer work completed during your absence must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar on an official transcript.

If you are returning to SPU, after an absence of four or more quarters (including summer), you must reapply to the University:

  • Fill out the abbreviated reapplication form by the deadline of your intended quarter of entry.
  • Submit transcripts for any coursework completed at another institution while away.
  • Undergraduate Admissions will inform you if additional credentials need to be submitted. 

Degrees completed during your absence will not be recognized. You will be required to complete the general education curriculum in effect at the time of your re-admission.

If you originally matriculated at SPU directly from high school and earned SPU credit, but are now readmitted, you are considered a transfer student. However, your class standing at time of original matriculation will determine the courses you are required to complete.  

For instance, if you originally matriculated as a freshman or sophomore, you would still be expected to complete UFDN 1000 and eight “W” credits, even if you return to SPU with junior standing.