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The Mathematics Department offers a flexible degree in Applied Mathematics as well as minors in Mathematics and in Data Analytics. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers as data scientists, data analysts, actuaries, statisticians, software developers, and teachers and various other careers. Many have also pursued graduate studies to earn advanced degrees.

Our Mission

The Mathematics Department at Seattle Pacific University sees mathematics as a holistic endeavor – logical, beautiful, and useful – not only for our majors, but to all students and departments we serve.  Our calling is to teaching excellence: demonstrating mathematics as a language with which students can understand their chosen fields; and, for math majors, addressing the wide range of mathematical fields of today: pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and data science.  We seek to nurture and support students from a myriad of backgrounds, uplifting those from underrepresented groups.  We value sharing our expertise and wisdom with the community through research, service, leadership, and individualized care for our students.

Students will develop mathematical competency, learn to communicate mathematically in both written and verbal form, and cultivate an ethos of professional, principled behavior, poised to be good stewards as they venture onward.