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School of Psychology, Family, and Community

About the School

Katy Tangenberg, PhD, Dean

School of Psychology, Family, and Community Faculty

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Faculty, staff, and students in the School of Psychology, Family, and Community strive to become a community of learners who are:

  • Guided by faith. Exploring the implications of vital expressions of Christian faith for the human condition, and for fostering emotional and relational healing and health.
  • Rooted in academic discipline. Fostering rigorous and creative learning environments, and contributing primary scholarship to the scientific study of psychological and social processes.
  • Committed to service. Nurturing creative partnerships with our local community and beyond in order to serve in, and learn from, socially and culturally diverse settings.

Our Mission

We seek to:

  • Provide students with solid academic and experiential grounding in the theory, research, and practice of the field of psychology.
  • Prepare and inspire motivated and able students to enter and contribute to the field of psychology.
  • Nurture students toward valuing themselves and others as persons of worth created in God’s image.
  • Empower students to act in this world. That is, actively celebrating God’s human and non-human creation, showing mercy and compassion to the vulnerable, and challenging, and changing aspects of society that deny or denigrate persons.