Academic Catalog

Education: Technology (EDTC)

EDTC 2235  Introduction to Educational Technology  (2 Credits)  
Instruction on processes and procedures for using media and computers in school settings. Includes instructional design; basic production skills for computer, media and multimedia applications; and courseware evaluation.
EDTC 3200  Integrating Learning Technologies in the K-12 Classroom  (2 Credits)  
Designed for undergraduate teacher education students, this course aims to explore, model, and evaluate the integration of learning technologies into current and future K-12 classrooms. Through hands-on experiences, critical reflections, and practical applications, students will demonstrate mastery of the ISTE Standards for Students in the context of their teaching discipline.
EDTC 3930  Practicum  (1-5 Credit)  
EDTC 4238  Orientation to Teacher Education and Technology  (1 Credit)  
Orientation to teacher education and the use of national standards as a framework for the professional use of technology within education, including the exploration of classroom-based applications to support teaching, learning, assessment, and effective communication.