Academic Catalog

Global Development Studies (GDEV)

GDEV 2001  Development Issues in International Setting  (5 Credits)  
Introduction to the major issues and concepts in the field of global development in the context of a given country. Students will examine themes via in-country classroom lectures, discussion, readings, and field experiences. Typically offered: Varies.
GDEV 3000  African Development  (5 Credits)  
This course provides an overview of the key issues in 20th and 21st century African development. Beginning with the legacy of colonialism, in the first half of this course we explore how geography, ethnic conflict, weak institutions, and political instability consistently undermined both economic growth and poverty alleviation in Africa. In the second half, we examine the shift out of historic "poverty traps" in Africa, looking at the role played by processes of state consolidation, governance reforms, foreign direct investment, economic diversification, and greater integration in the global economy.
GDEV 3100  East Asian Politics Economic Development  (5 Credits)  
The countries of China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan have moved more people out of poverty at a faster pace than any other region at any time in the history of the world. At the same time, several of these states have achieved the goal of establishing stable, consolidated liberal democracies. This course sets out the competing theories that explain the political and economic development of the region.
GDEV 3200  Geographic Information Systems in Biology  (3 Credits)  
This course provides an introduction to the use of Geographic Information Systems. Specifically, the student will learn how to use ArcGIS with prepared data sets and will create their own GIS database based on field observations as a term project.
GDEV 3300  Southeast Asian Development  (5 Credits)  
Study abroad program in southeast Asia at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) in Phnom Penh. This program will run the full length of the summer quarter. Over the first four weeks, students will complete an accelerated version of the course "Southeast Asian Development" exploring the development histories and distinct challenges confronting the ASEAN states. Over the subsequent six weeks, students will intern full time at one of several NGOS in Cambodia.
GDEV 4900  Independent Study  (1-6 Credit)  
Student works independently with a faculty member on a mutually agreed upon topic.
GDEV 4950  Special Topics in Global Development  (1-5 Credit)  
Special topics in Global Development Studies.