Academic Catalog

Education: Science (EDSC)

EDSC 6250  Elementary Science Methods  (3 Credits)  
This course explores how to create, implement and support meaningful science learning opportunities for all students. Through readings, science investigations, dialogue, reflective writing and K-8 classroom observations, students will deepen understanding of science education goals and standards. Topics include the nature of science and scientific practices, formative assessments to inform teaching, the integration of English/Language Arts and other disciplinary content in science teaching and learning, STEM education, education for sustainability and how to plan and implement meaningful and safe science units and lessons for diverse student populations and different types of learners. Typically offered: Winter.
EDSC 6359  Teaching Secondary Science  (3 Credits)  
Focuses on learning processes for science. Introduces standards regarding content and methodologies for teaching science. Examines instructional methods and materials in relation to secondary science content, curriculum, and assessment. Emphasizes the use of inquiry and problem-solving.
EDSC 6900  Independent Study  (1-5 Credit)  
Student works with a faculty member on a mutually agreed upon topic.