Academic Catalog

International Sustainable Development (BA)

Program Description

The International Sustainable Development major prepares students for vocations in international development through applied skills training and direct, cross-cultural experiences.

The major provides students with a firm theoretical foundation, as well as the professional and technical skills necessary for post-graduation work in the field. Students will examine development challenges and the means to resolve them from a Christian perspective and develop hands-on project management skills, while engaging with both hypothetical and real-world problems at the local and global levels.

The major equips students with a comparative understanding of development in both developed and developing nations through directed study, applied skills training, analytical research, and direct, cross-cultural experiences--including a required placement with local and international development organizations.

New Majors Onboarding

All newly admitted majors must attend this onboarding as an introduction to the School of Business, Government, and Economics. Please make note that there are no substitutions for this degree requirement.