Academic Catalog

Leadership (LDR)

LDR 2900  Foundations of Leadership  (5 Credits)  
This course examines leadership from multiple perspectives and theories. It is intended to provide a foundation and practical applications for student leaders and as they prepare for service and leadership after graduation. This course is a keystone for the Leadership Studies Minor and would be most beneficial to students prior to their final year of coursework. Typically offered: Winter.
LDR 4899  Leadership Minor Capstone  (2 Credits)  
This course is the culminating experience for the Leadership Minor. The capstone will provide students an opportunity for synthesis and evaluation of previous coursework and experiences related to leadership. It is intended to provide a launching point for students to continue in leadership positions with increased effectiveness and efficiency to serve the greater good. As a capstone course, it is designed primarily for students concluding their academic journey. Typically offered: Spring.
LDR 4900  Independent Study  (1-10 Credit)  
Independent study.
LDR 4930  Leadership Practicum  (1-10 Credit)  
Prerequisite: Admission to the minor. Supervised practicum in student-leadership positions under advising of the Office of Student Life. Includes learning contract, readings, and assignments to enable students to deepen leadership skills.