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The clear Christian commitment of Seattle Pacific University has remained the same since 1891. The institution continues to believe that the finest education is informed by Christian faith. As a university, Seattle Pacific has a mission of intellectual inquiry. Believing that the Christian faith calls it to excellence — both intellectually and spiritually — the University actively strives to provide the highest quality education available. In keeping with this, academic freedom and integrity are highly prized.

What does this mean for you? It means that you are taught by professors who approach their discipline from a Christian perspective. But you and other students are not told what to believe. Instead, through the educational process of inquiry, discussion, and experience, you are encouraged to develop a mature, personal faith.

You are challenged at SPU. And the University seeks to create an environment that balances freedom and support as students grapple with difficult questions. The goal is to help students emerge with an even deeper Christian conviction and a desire for Christian leadership and service.