Academic Catalog

Internship Program

Internships seek to integrate academic studies with practical work experience. Designed to be an integral part of your academic program, the Internship Program allows you to earn credits for learning gained in a work setting. Internships may be paid or unpaid.

All internships follow the registration deadlines set forth in the Academic Calendar for extended deadline academic courses. Students must receive approval for internship credits before beginning the internship, and must be working at the internship site during the quarter for which credit is granted. You cannot apply to enroll in an internship after the internship has been completed.

Careful supervision of your progress toward learning objectives is a key component of an internship, and a successful experience is built on a partnership between you, your faculty sponsor, and employer.

  • Minimum requirements for participating in the Internship Program include matriculation at the University, and completion of at least one quarter of coursework.
  • You can participate in an internship for career exploration, as well as to gain essential professional experience.
  • Internship experience facilitates your growth in skills such as communication, problem solving, and analysis.
  • Internships also give you growth in skills specific to professional disciplines.

It is the quality of the placement and supervision and the emphasis on your development of critical thinking and other skills that distinguish internships from other part-time or volunteer work programs.

Each school sets specific prerequisites for participation in internships. Generally 30 hours of internship work equate to 1 academic credit. Internship opportunities may be at accounting firms, advertising agencies, banks, high-tech companies, medical research labs, performing arts organizations, retail stores, schools, human-service agencies, and other types of organizations.

The Center for Career and Calling coordinates the process of finding and securing internships. To find out more, visit the Center for Career and Calling in the Student Union Building, Second Floor, visit their website, or call 206-281-2485.