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Research Psychology (MS)

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School of Psychology, Family, and Community Faculty

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The Master of Science (MS) in Research Psychology program allows students to earn a master’s degree by completing 33 quarter-based credits. This master's degree is intended for completion in three academic quarter-based terms and one summer term, focused on completion of a capstone project and capstone presentation. 

The MS in Research Psychology provides high quality, rigorous coursework in advanced statistics and research methods as well as research experiences for students preparing for career trajectories in research laboratories, research and data-driven corporate/industrial settings, or agencies prioritizing research and program evaluation to enhance service effectiveness and capacity for increased grant funding. 

The MS in Research Psychology also provides important research preparation and mentoring for students with doctoral program goals by allowing more focused research training and opportunities to contribute to professional peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations. 

Seattle Pacific University is especially well suited for this program due to its maintenance of state-of-the-art research laboratories, extensive faculty research involvement, and capacities of existing undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs to support new masters-level students.