Academic Catalog

Repeating a Course

Non-Repeatable Courses

Most courses are non-repeatable for credit, meaning a student may earn credit and grade points for the course only once. However, a student may enroll in a non-repeatable SPU course (or an SPU course noted as its equivalent) one time for the purpose of earning a higher grade.

  • Since is not possible to earn a grade higher than A, a student may not enroll a second time in a non-repeatable course in which an A grade was earned.
  • Non-repeatable courses at Seattle Pacific cannot be repeated more than once (note: transfer coursework does not count against this repeat policy). Students who believe they have unusual circumstances may petition to repeat a course more than once by submitting a registration petition, accompanied by a statement from the course instructor, to the Office of the Registrar.
  • UCOR courses, UFDN courses, and WRI courses may be repeated more than once to earn an acceptable grade.
  • When a course is repeated at SPU, the highest grade in the repeated course (or an equivalent SPU course) will apply to both the GPA for graduation and for honors at graduation. The original and repeated course will still appear on the transcript.

Note that for students on academic probation, the quarterly SPU GPA that determines a student’s academic standing will take into account the entire SPU GPA from that quarter, including grades being excluded from the cumulative SPU grade point average.

Repeatable Courses

A “repeatable course” is designed to allow students to enroll in the course multiple times for credit, up to a designated credit limit or number of repetitions. The course description for such a course indicates that the course is repeatable for credit. Within stated limits, credits and grades for these repeatable courses will count toward graduation requirements and the SPU GPA. 

Repeating SPU Courses at Other Institutions

Only courses taken at SPU will be used to change final course grades. Courses taken at another institution cannot replace an equivalent SPU course for which credit has been received. However, an undergraduate student who has completed a course at SPU with a passing but insufficient grade may be able to transfer a course to SPU with zero credit in order to prove competence in the course content. See Zero Credit Transfer Policy for more information.