Academic Catalog

Mathematics Placement

All SPU students are required to complete a Ways of Knowing in Quantitative Reasoning (mathematics) course as part of the Exploratory Curriculum. Additionally, many academic majors require one or more mathematics courses. Prior to taking any mathematics course at SPU, you must demonstrate eligibility.

The purpose of established eligibility criteria is to help determine whether you are ready for college-level mathematics and to help you develop any math skills needed to successfully complete Exploratory Curriculum and academic program requirements.

SPU has divided college readiness and Exploratory Curriculum math classes into several groupings. Some departments other than the Mathematics Department may require attainment of a particular Mathematics Placement Level as a prerequisite for courses in their majors.

Eligibility to enroll in a particular course can be demonstrated through: 

  • A sufficiently high SAT or ACT math score;
  • A qualifying SPU Mathematics Placement Test score;
  • A qualifying Calculus Placement Test score;
  • Transfer of an approved college mathematics course;
  • Completion of a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree or its approved equivalent from Oregon or California;
  • Math credit awarded for AP, Cambridge International, IB, or CLEP exam.