Academic Catalog

GE: Common Curriculum

The Seattle Pacific University General Education program is a Christian Liberal Arts curriculum tailored to SPU’s context and students. It has been designed to help students develop competence and character in the service of the common good. Students develop and deepen skills to pursue the path of wisdom and engage the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ through both core courses (the Common Curriculum) and distribution courses (the Exploratory Curriculum).

The Common Curriculum includes nine required courses. These courses are designed to help you develop critical academic skills, to understand and engage our multicultural and complex world, and to embrace the Christian story as you become biblically and theologically literate.

Each of the courses in the Common Curriculum includes common texts and objectives to ensure common learning. A Senior Capstone course in your major rounds out the Common Curriculum.

Common Curriculum

University Colloquim
UCOL 1000University Colloquium1
Academic Writing 1, 2
WRI 1000Academic Inquiry and Writing Seminar5
WRI 1100Disciplinary Research and Writing Seminar5
University Core
UCOR 2000The Emergence of the Modern Global System5
UCOR 3000Faith, Philosophy, and Science5
University Foundations 3, 4
UFDN 1000The Christian Faith5
UFDN 2000Christian Scripture5
or UFDN 3001 Christian Scripture for Transfer Students
UFDN 3100Christian Theology5
Total Credits36

To fulfill the Academic Writing requirement, you must earn a grade of C- (1.7) or better in your academic writing course(s).


If you enter SPU with junior or senior standing, you are required to complete only 5 credits of academic writing. Students who have not completed this requirement through transfer courses may take WRI 1100 Disciplinary Research and Writing Seminar or ENG 3301 Advanced Expository Writing. Approval for these courses is required.


If you enter SPU with freshman or sophomore standing (fewer than 90 transferable credits), you must complete UFDN 1000 The Christian Faith, UFDN 2000 Christian Scripture, and UFDN 3100 Christian Theology.


If you enter SPU with junior or senior standing (90 transferable credits or more), you are required to take only UFDN 3001 Christian Scripture for Transfer Students and UFDN 3100 Christian Theology.